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To "Phelps" a joint or bowl of marijuana is to finish it in under one minute. After finishing, the person who takes the final hit must declare "I told you guys... under a minute" This term stems from Michael Phelp's Rosetta Stone ad in which he completes the ad in under a minute and says the aforementioned quote. This is combined with the new information that Phelps is a raging potaholic.
We're late for the movie man! Phelps that shit! *59 seconds later* "I told you guys... under a minute."
by Tall Tim February 11, 2009
80 30
The act of farting during anal-sex.
"How was he"
"Great, until he phelpsed"
by Yellowl1 September 21, 2011
48 9
The act of Farting during Anal Sex.
Fred Phelps.
by CodyA September 21, 2011
34 6
1. (Verb) - The act of farting during anal sex
2. (Noun) - Fred Phelps
I was doing this chick in the ass and then all of a sudden the phelpsed on my dick. Total boner-killer.
by Im1ToThe337 September 21, 2011
29 4
V. The act of farting during anal sex.
anal fart anal fart
"Ewww did you smell the inside of the Westboro Baptist Church? Someone totally PHELPS(ED) in there."
by DJBATONDEDEE September 21, 2011
32 8
1. (verb) - The act of farting during anal sex.
2. Fred Phelps
I was having anal and I phelpsed.
by That guy from the Nation September 21, 2011
28 7
Particles of fecal matter that get caught on a man's pubic hair during anal sex with another man.

The term, in the tradition of santorum is a reference to the minister of the Westboro Baptist Church.
Dude, did you wipe? I got phelps all over me.
by omfgplanes October 04, 2006
52 48