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To win within the tightest margin possible.
Only computers can see you phelped that win.
by SIRALD66 August 31, 2008
To win within the tightest margin possible.
"Don't cut your nails, because you just might phelp that win."
by sirald66 August 16, 2008
wet fart after anal sex

Potentially named in honor of Fred Phelps, anti-gay hate preacher. It might be just coincidence though.
"Don't phelp on my bed!"
by schm March 19, 2013
1. In competition, to win by a large margin.
2. to phelp (someone): To leak an incriminating photo or video to the tabloids, often with bad consequences for the subject of the photo or video.
3. To attract public scrutiny for controversial behavior.
4. To make a mistake with very bad consequences; To lose everything.
5. To smoke large amounts of marijuana.
1. That team is so good, they always phelp the competition!
2. Did you see those pictures of Miley? She got phelped pretty bad.
4. Everything was going so well, then I totally phelped it up!
5. -Did you phelp last night?
-Yeah man, I was so high.
by catpow March 09, 2009
to destroy in an Olympic medal-worthy way.
The US basketball team is phelpsing the competition right now.
I straight phelpsed that kitty kat last night. Oh wait, this is her calling me now. . .
by Dizastaa August 11, 2012
to cough into a bong, shooting the weed and bongwater out the stem.
Michael phelped a huge bong hit onto the couch
by Ragnaar February 03, 2009
Verb: To own, in light of Michael Phelps' success at the Olympics
Jake: Dude, did you see the Olympics?
Kelly: Yeah, the American swimming team just phelped the competition.
by dmiller1126 August 17, 2008