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Having the aptitude and ability to max out each and every sexual engagement one encounters due to the addition of alcoholic beverages.
"Last night, I swear this chick I met was a nothing but a innocent Catholic virgin, but I added some moo-juice and before I knew it, she was slobbin' on my knob. I really showed her my Phelps ability."
by Arthur Digbee Sellers April 16, 2007
v. Complete and utter dominance in your field. Derived from the monstrosity that is Michael Phelps, record Olympic medalist from the USA.
"Man, I totally Phelpsed that exam."

"I was so into that girl, I Phelpsed her ass up."

"Roddy hit like 2 homeruns and a triple. He totally Phelpsed the game."
by Johnny Darko August 15, 2008
Taking a picture of someone engaging in regretful acts and then publishing them.
"Don't Phelps me, Bro"
by idotmyi February 05, 2009
Knowingly and willfully smoking marijuana when better judgment tells you should do otherwise.
"Man, you're phelpsin' pretty hard right now, don't you have a test tomorrow?"
by Palmodamus February 13, 2009
The act of orally pleasing a woman in less than eight seconds.
Dude, I gave her the Phelps treatment...now she wants to marry me.
by Every Woman July 25, 2006
The male version of a butta face. Nice body ugly face ( see Micheal Phelps)
" He's got a great 6 pack, but from the neck up, he's kind of a Phelps. "
by fuzzelcat9386 May 29, 2009
To accomplish something amazing. Inspired by Micheal Phelps, the greatest Olympian in history.
"Dude, I just hit a grand slam to win the world series!"

"Dude, thats PHELPS!!!"
by Magno J. August 16, 2008