A person, usually male, whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable, especially social and sexual norms. Comparable to a lech, a Peter is unpleasantly strange and makes members of the opposite sex, or same in some cases, concerned about their safety and overall well-being. Peters are most often found in social gatherings because of the protection and cover provided in a crowded room, they have difficulty entering into and maintaining healthy relationships, and in most cases, have criminal backgrounds.
"Ew, why does that Peter keep watching us while we make out?"
by KMANEAST May 11, 2010
One who has no natural physical ability whatsoever, cannot throw, cannot catch, cannot run, cannot hit etc, etc,etc, but thinks he is the next coming of Pedro Guererro.
He trips over his own feet, but he thinks he's Barry Bonds. He's such a peters.
by Anonymmous December 15, 2003
A name for a guy who only talks to you because he wants phone sex;manwhore; jerk; doesn't answer when you call.
That guy is such a freaking Peter!
by rockerchick1993 May 22, 2010
a large cave troll like creature who has ammonites for nipples and coal seams for eyebrows. the peter oftens sports umbro brand clothing and has a strange preference for orange clothin. it is more commonly known as the 'pedro' or the 'pedrock'
guy 1 "what the hell is that?"
guy 2 "thats a peter"
by moe stiffy February 11, 2010
is a person who doesn't try for you, will ignore your feelings, and loves to just see people cry. He's still in love with his ex yet has a new girlfriend and refuses to try and be friends with the ex. He's a douche, likes to lie, and cheats on girls just to teach his girlfriend a lesson.
g/f: why did you cheat on me?!
Peter: because you were flirting with that guy. So why not?
by Yet_I_will_always_love_you May 02, 2010
ugly small dick


one who enjoys eating its own sperm
Its so small i need a magnifying glass-what a peter...

"Did you hear about him?

What about him?

He collects and eats his own sperm!

GROSS! what a peter!"
by tru4u September 14, 2010
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