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An androgynous faggot who usually has many friends and is talented at everything.

True Peters are identifiable by their hair and makeup. Peters are able to turn straight men gay with a bat a lash.
"I lost my fukkin boyfriend to a peter!"

"Can you believe that guy wants to eat out of a Peter's booty-hole?"

by vanillavagina April 25, 2009
A small friendly piece of poo that lives on the head of a mediocre tit called Joe.
"Look at Mediocre Skid over there with Peter dancing on his head, what a tosser."
by Mediocre Skid February 28, 2007
winner, smoker , kewl , drifter , stooge
hey peter your gay isnt this kool? well yeah i had to type something here or it wont let me send. FAG
by trangaholic March 27, 2007
A stupid Italian kid. They usually own pizza shops and say "Forget about it." They suck penis quite often.
"Hey, you see that kid?"
"Yeah his pizza sucks cock!"
"Must be a Peter..."
by ReallyCoolGuyNamedEd January 05, 2009
The act of Pulling a Peter is accidentally spilling a beverage on oneself in an event such as a school dance.
*Jenna walks over to a table, but accidentally spills soda on herself*

Matt: Haha! Jenna, you pulled a Peter!
by PeterSomeone November 20, 2007