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A 10 yearold reatrd who keeps busy by getting owned in football and eating lead. Term is usually used when someone is a dumbass
Jordan Hey what did you get on the science test?

PatR I got a 36

Jordan Wow way to pull A Peter
by scrubnigger December 06, 2010
a word to lol at. one of the most unfortunate names for a male child. people named peter go through life as the butt of many jokes since peter = penis.

a word thats used in place of the word "prick", more enviormentally and kid friendly word to use.
hmmmm if i go and lick peter, does that mean i just gave him a blow job? wow thats one giant peter! to bad your peter isnt as big as you, eh peter?

hahahhahahah, your mom is dead. i killed her in bed last night!! wow stop being such a peter
by rofltittytastic July 08, 2009
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