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another word for penis
Hey, see that queer over there? He totally sucks peter
by Ieatpussyman February 13, 2009
Has a fettish with urine.
Intimidating and distructive of others.
Mentally disturbed.
I went to the toilets and it stank of Peter
by azsu February 04, 2010
common slang used in Germany.
"Ey Junge, hast du Peter!?" "Standart!" "Beste!"

"Ey Kid, you got Peter!?" "Course!" "Dope!"
by Führer August 13, 2007
Usually thinks he is the best at everything. Is nice until he becomes one of ur best of friends then becomes meaner. Usually has alot of friends and decent at sports. Talks with a lisp.
He has a lisp but rocks da house! He must be a peter.
by john schlongggggggggg May 06, 2008
someone who sings the chorus
peter sings the chorus,
by youngdudethe5th February 05, 2009
often used for a little penis
WOW you have a milimeter peter its tiny!!!!!!!!!
by your mum 9999999 July 27, 2009
A skater kidd who's what most girls would call cute maybe some not. He's really nice at first but then you get to the point where he seems like he hates you? & never talks to you anymore.But hes in love with some other chick anyway so you think why try?
Girl1;Awhhh that kid is so cute!
Girl2;Yeahh but he's sucha peter.
by ThatGurllll May 15, 2008