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short for people

friends, close pals
my peeps.
by Aaron W. January 10, 2003
An acronym that stands for Perfectly Excellent Eating Pussy and refers to a vagina that is preferred above all others, even forgoing intercourse, for cunnilingus.
Did you hit Brittany's fine ass last night?

No, man. When I got them drawers off, she had a P.E.E.P.


Yep. Ate that bitch for like five hours.
by ScrapIronJaw November 09, 2010
n. (pl. 'peeps'): a human being. Used as a synonym for "people" or "person."

n. (pl. 'peeps'): a marshmallow candy covered in colored sugar. Usually shaped as a chick, but can also be found as bunnies, ghosts, hearts, and more.

n. (pl. 'peeps'): a name used to describe vampires/zombies, if the vampirism/zombieism is contracted through a parasite or disease. Short for 'parasite-positive.' Used by Scott Westerfeld in his books 'Peeps' and 'Last Days.'

v. (to peep, peeping, peeped): the act of looking at or glimpsing something.
Do you know who that peep Jimmy was just talking to is?

Here, have a marshmallow peep. They're great.

That peep is trying to bite her.

Just take a little peep inside.
by Lyssie B. March 13, 2011
a penis
aw that kid has a tiny peep in his pants
by nomnomnom69x April 07, 2010
a small marsmallow candy covered in colored sugar and eaten in mass quantities by nerdfighters kurt, john green, and hank green (who are made of awesome)
john green proffesses that no one can eat more than twelve and a half peeps in one sitting.
Parasite Positives

"In the night watch we prefer the term parasite positives or peeps for short."
by Bella Sterling April 01, 2009
ridiculous terminology for "people"

see suicidal vocabulary
James: Hey, I'm jus going to chill with my peeps

Will.i.am: You say what? Do you wanna get a smack in your mouth. There's human beings around us that just heard you say that and I'm associated with you. I ever hear you say that in my presence again its all over I SWEAR DOWN. "peeps" ! you fucking cunt

James: You've shown me the error of my ways and my life threatening choice of words. I can only apologize so much.
by Willis McGee July 26, 2006
The act of peeping: peeing and pooping at the same sitting. Most commonly follows large meals and takeout food.
Man1: Dude, can you hurry up!? My bladder is gonna burst!

Man2: Sorry! I'm peeping, gonna take a while!

Man1: Awww, why didn't I think of that earlier?
by JustWow November 20, 2013