The video booths in an adult bookstore. From peepshow.
You still going to the peeps? Don't you have the internet?
by Luke2Q November 12, 2011
a small marsmallow candy covered in colored sugar and eaten in mass quantities by nerdfighters kurt, john green, and hank green (who are made of awesome)
john green proffesses that no one can eat more than twelve and a half peeps in one sitting.
A small, unimpressive , and often flaccid penis.
It would have gone further but he had a tiny peep.
by SarahRat September 10, 2015
When a man's ball sack is larger than his flaccid penis and the whole package with flaccid penis resting on the ball sack resembles that of the Easter candy known as the marshmallow peep.
Jenny: So did you blow Tom last night?

Sarah: No. When he pulled his pants off I saw the peep that he had so I just laughed and walked out.

Jenny: I would have done the same thing. It's almost impossible to blow a guy with a peep. I mean you would have to approach that thing at an angle or something.
by Giuseppe PussySlayer 69 December 29, 2014
1) cute little delicious marsh-mellow chicks. Usually are around about Easter. The Peeps company also makes bunnies. They sell novelty peeps items such as peeps socks, flashlights, plush, containers, easter baskets, and much more.

2) Short for "people".

3) Friends, buddies , pals, etc.
1) "Mmmmmmmm! these peeps are delicious! I'm going to eat these everyday for breakfast!"

2) "Hey peeps! What's up?"

3) "These are my peeps"

by Quack921 April 05, 2009
When you have to urinate very badly, but only a little drop comes out.
Man, I really thought I had to go... But it was just a peep.
by Mikalex April 18, 2006
the expanded version of english's Pee (point evidence explain) this is Point evidence explain PWND!!!
jeremy- your a noob
burney- how?
Jeremy-because your level 10 after a year!! to clarify you have been level 10 for way too long, my little brother is over 9000. therefore you are a noob SO SIT DOWN AND STFU!! (PWN'd!)
burney- PEEp'd :(
by jeremyhiglar August 27, 2011
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