to check out, consider sexually/romantically, in hopes of catching his or her eye. usually over a slightly long period of time, ie not a drive-by/walk-by checking out. When recipricated, may be a peepshow
Man, that guy is hella peeping you.

I've been hardcore peeping him.
by d-dukes November 10, 2006
1) n. The delicious marshmallow candies created originally in bunny or duck form. They are bright colors and sugar coated for ultimate taste.

2) n. The slang term for "friends" or "people". It is usually used by the ignorant who choose to partake in a language known as ebonics.
1) I got Marty a whole package of Peeps for easter!

2) Stupid person with no respect for the english language: "Yo I'm gonna chill wit mah peeps."

Intelligent person: (laughs) "You are going to hang out with marshmallow candies? What a loser."
by Sarah429 July 31, 2005
Newly hatched marshmallow confections that migrate to the shores of the Delaware Bay where they are eaten by gulls.
Let's drive to Slaughter Beach and rescue some peeps.
by Pastor Future May 31, 2005
to look.

derived from peep'n tom.
"peep this"
by LEC2 May 07, 2003
a marshmallow candy treat, shaped like baby chicks, typically bought around the Easter holiday.
Dude, I love peeps! Pass me another yellow one.
by Uneven Steven April 10, 2005
“means People, and where you can find People to socialize with –”
to my fellow peeps, wazzap???
by nerakrules July 25, 2008
Another name for your friends (people) most often used in the ghettos or "wanna be ghetto" households of the U.S.
"This house arrest really makes me lose out with my peeps."
by Pitbullpup May 11, 2009

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