verb -
to peep is the act of creepily peering at someone without their knowledge of such indecent actions.

past tense of which is pept
The peeper was peeping at the peepee through the cracks of the curtains
by sYnnR March 05, 2011
A walking talking hot person who is very shallow. There beautiful on the outside but deep down on the inside their nothing but fluff. Not skin deep.
In the movie "Latter Days" Christian (a hot gay sex freak) is told that he is like a marshmallow peep. He is very pretty on the outside but isn't true to himself on the inside of what is pure about him.
by MoiWise June 06, 2010
short for pee pee, not a penis but a vagina, word shared between friends as in code.
girl 1: " why u keep twitchin' like that?"
girl 2: "my peep be buggin'."
girl 1: "what?"
girl 2: "my peep be buggin' cuz it got beat up last night!"
girl 1: " ur peep got beat up?"
girl 2: "hell, yeah, and it was so good."
by Dat Gal June 04, 2009
a girl's "special area."

female genitals.
thinking about johnny depp gives me a twinge in my peep.
by not moocow September 27, 2005

To view or inspect something for the purpose of determining it's use.
Hey, can you peep this out for me?
by Paul Lappas December 20, 2002
Short for penis
That girl I was with last night touched my peep.
by Seriesmvp July 13, 2008
1.a marshmellow sometimes shaped like a chick
2. a poser (often a white person) who wants to be black
3. another word for niga
1. yum yum i like dez peeps
2. poser- yo yo yo peeps wat it do
pimp- shut the fuck up
3. wat it do peeps
by ciret121 April 04, 2008
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