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an imature word for penis
i went to go pee pee but i couldnt get out my peeny so my pants got peeny juice on them
by j2thadubs November 23, 2003
Lame, limpdickish, useless, mediocre at best.
"Dam Gil your boy Ernest is kinda peeny."
"FB Chat is some peeny ass bullshit."
by McChubbin March 30, 2010
the Face Eddie Van Halen made while playing Why Can't This Be Love in "Live Without a Net."
When we asked to see Wes' Peeny, he sent us a picture of Ed Van Halen's face
by Infinite Cactus January 08, 2005
Shitty, weak, un-cool
"No shit mang, that's peeny!"

"You're not going to finish that bong tug!? PEENY!"

"You peeny bastard, you missed her face?"
by Dr. Asian Love May 22, 2003