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awesome name. Gil is someone that is smart, handsome, and hilarious. Pretty much the best name ever!!!
Omigod, I can't believe i get to meet Gil, the perfect man.
by guythatloveslampintamately March 14, 2009
A way to name your kid that shows some originality.
I was thinking of naming my child Dave, but then I thought why conform? Gil it is.
by chead123321 September 04, 2009
A South Wales term for a friend. (commonly used in Tonyefail and Gilfach Goch)
What's happenin', gil??
by Cleedus Iscariot October 20, 2005
Word used to describe a handsome and attractive straight guy with nice hair but could act gay at times.
Dude, you're such a gil especially with your hair.
by johnmccombs_ddg_2011 March 07, 2011
A person who is always cracking jokes, He has a big heart -and down below- one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. A Gil likes usually likes the color blue and loves hanging out with friends, Gil's tend to be on the fit side and when they fall for someone they tell them.

Gil's don't like to play games, they love Chinese food and they love their family. Gil's are verry supportive for there friends and family, Also Gil's are VERRY sexy, aka the hottie with the body.
Gil: *knock knock*

Alex: Who's there?

Gil: Doris

Alex: Doris who?

Gil: Door is locked that's why i'm knocking
by Avenged_shadows November 14, 2013
Verb: To defy the odds.

Noun: A unit of measurement equally 120.

He needed box cars to come out ahead for the night and he did it. He totally Giled the roll!


Person 1: So you hit the gym yesterday? How much are you benching these days?

Person 2: I'm up to two Gils.
by Eiuolan April 16, 2010
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