Top Definition
Very small penis
Shake your peenie after you pee
by Peenie September 24, 2003
A teeny tiny penis the size of a little baby, a wee wee that should cause shame and total humiliation to any boy who has one
Tommy was pantsed at the public pool, and all the boys and girls saw his little peenie! All Tommy could do was cover his dinky with his hands as everyone pointed and laughed at him.
by Cody Langley October 26, 2008
A mother's juvenille term for the word "Penis"
Boy, Alex sure does have a small peenie!
by LCH22 September 03, 2007
Small penis that in its erect condition is no longer than the average size flaccid penis (3-5 inches).
Have you heard about Jay? He's got a little four inch peenie LOL
by gwm49103 June 30, 2009

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