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A fat kid who claims he can kick everyones ass.
When hes done with his twinky, he says he will panemon you.
by Anonymous March 10, 2003

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n. card game that the Japanese plan to thrust on the American market, geared towards children. they will be steeply priced and each card will be a character in a cartoon with names like suckacoo and felcher. intended purpose is to cripple the American economy by using whiney children to spend all of their parent's money on these cards.
"Hey Johnny, I have the new suckachoo card, you don't have one because your family lives in a van down by the river."
by poopypants April 05, 2003
To be stupid and not realize it.
Only fans cheer for the Raiders!
by French Stewart March 10, 2003
A person with a large penis, like that of a horse.
"OMFG, That's the biggest Panemon I've ever seen. I'm really afraid!"
by a vagina March 11, 2003
Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.
"Wow, if he's got an 8 inch dick he must be a PANEMON!"
Derivitive of a Panemism: the attempt to sound deep when the entire world is really lauging at you.
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
The upper area of vagina close to the cervix. Too deep of penetration during sexual intercourse may cuase discomfort in this area.
That guy was huge he really did some damage to my panemon area.
by jaz October 21, 2004