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n. card game that the Japanese plan to thrust on the American market, geared towards children. they will be steeply priced and each card will be a character in a cartoon with names like suckacoo and felcher. intended purpose is to cripple the American economy by using whiney children to spend all of their parent's money on these cards.
"Hey Johnny, I have the new suckachoo card, you don't have one because your family lives in a van down by the river."
by poopypants April 05, 2003
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The upper area of vagina close to the cervix. Too deep of penetration during sexual intercourse may cuase discomfort in this area.
That guy was huge he really did some damage to my panemon area.
by jaz October 21, 2004
Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.
"Wow, if he's got an 8 inch dick he must be a PANEMON!"
One who writes essays on laptops at parties that he couldnt make it to because of snow.
Write me an essay PaNeMoN.
by George Doubleyou March 10, 2003
A person who sells male prositutes named "Levitation" for a large profit.
"Hey Look! It's a Panemon!!!!"
by My Son Lev March 11, 2003
a person who has an ugly sister that looks like she is 20 years older and also looks like a biker chick.
"Dashiki dont pull a panemon, get your sister a make over"
somone who "basicly submerizes" something.
"Hello Bob, I wouldn't want you to write an essay for me, but would you write a Panemon instead?"
by DR March 11, 2003

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