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n. to describe a person of lower than standard mental ability. referred to as a tool because they cannot function on their own will, they must be used to accomplish a task or form desire.
Johnny: "You are such a tool that your parent's bought that panemon card, because the Japanese told you that it was cool."

Sally: "You still live in a van down by the river."
by poopypants April 05, 2003
verb. past tense.
1. The result of an act that causes unfortunate repurcussions.

2. Term often used in a manner describing the events after weeks of coercing a young woman of desire, via love letters, gifts and acts of chivalry into the act of sexual intercourse.

3. Proper response to an unreasonable request that would cause undo stress or activity.
1. "Those terrorists are fucked."

2. "I fucked that bitch's brains out"

3. "You want me to do what? When? Hell no, looks like you are fucked dude!!"
by poopypants April 01, 2003
n. condition in which the victim's jaw is stuck in an open position after performing a rim job on their partner for an extended period of time.
"Maybe his bad breath wouldn't be so noticeable if he didn't have rim jaw."
by poopypants April 02, 2003
n. Lifethreatening condition causing lack of oxygen due to excessive amounts of cock. Usually suffered by trendsbians when their antics cause a stir in the football team at frat parties. Most cases are caused orally, though some cases have been caused by excessive choad usage in a more traditional manner.
"Hi, I'm Johnny Noxville and this is cocksphyxiation..."

"Cocksphyxiation, the silent killer"
by poopypants April 01, 2003
n. 1 a term describing a male who can contort his body into numerous positions. 2 a term describing a man who can tie his penis into a knot.
"And on a sad note, in today's news the Magic Pretzel Man has died of a urinary infection. He is survived by his son, Peiner."
by poopypants April 02, 2003
n. the state of a penis belonging to someone without a circumcission, in the non-erectile position. also a nickname for someone who resembles a penis belonging to someone without a circumcission, in the non-erectile position.
"Look at Rumple Foreskin, when he runs his forehead jiggles around his neck!"
by poopypants April 02, 2003
royally messed up; irrepairable; fubar
This GL account structure is keebled up!
by poopypants March 25, 2005
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