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Truest of friends, good listener. Witty and charming. Beautiful eyes and soul. Passionate and caring, and can be fiercely stubborn and strong willed. Does not like to be told no. A perfectionist who often causes turmoil for herself. The girl next door, but has an alluring quality about her. Pamela is a complete package that comes with a wide variety of attributes. Pamelas are all a little different, each one is a one of a kind, unique in her own way.
I need to vent right now, I need a Pamela.

That was funny, how Pamela!

If you want a good job, just ask Pamela.

She stayed by her side until the end, a true Pamela.

What a stubborn kid, a real Pamela!
by AllyCat1979 February 03, 2010

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