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Short for "Blast and Relax" and/or "Blasting and Relaxing"; the act of relaxing on the toilet for an extended period of time while doing significant damage to the toilet bowl; can refer to shits of all types but is typically reserved for the most explosive
"This class needs to end soon so I can head back to my dorm and B&R"

"Don't bother me when I'm B&R; I may look calm but it's a mess down below."
by dritzie April 06, 2014
To black out and rail
Last night I took 15 shots and B&R'd
by Velociraptor2 January 02, 2012
"Born and Raised"
To be born and raised in a certain place, as opposed to an outsider or new arrival.
"Is he from Jersey City?"
"That boy's a B & R from jump street."
by Tony Wiersielis June 09, 2007

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