Post Premenstrual Syndrome

After you've finished your period, you/they are unusually bitchy, like when you are pms-ing.

Anytime you or a person(female) are bitchy and you/they are not suffering from PMS.

A safe way for guys to ask, "Are you on your period?" without getting hurt.
Susan, why are you so bitchy? I know you're not pms-ing, because you had your period last week. Are you suffering from PPMS?
by Carmelambition May 28, 2010
Top Definition
Natalie: "Holy shit, Thomas is so so so fine!"
Olivia: "Doesn't he make you want to PPM?!?!"
Natalie: "Teriyaki that he is your husband..."
by T Greub December 25, 2010
An acronym for Pumps Per Minute. The standard measurement for the rate of thrusting during coitus/ vaginal/ anal penetration, where one pump is defined as the complete thrust of the penetrator's hips.
Although, she prefers a P.P.M. around 40, her man does not have the sexual endurance yet.
by melvin lavoix June 07, 2006
An acronym for "penetrations per minute". The rate at which you penetrate your partner in reference to sex. Similar to BPM which is beats per minute in relation to DJing.
"So last night you hooked up with that girl, what was your ppm?"
by nissankid October 23, 2012
In World of Warcraft it means ' Procs Per Minute '. PROC is Programmed Random OCurrence.
1. My Gut Ripper's Icy Chill is 5 PPM.
2. DOes that enchant proc very often?
by briktaz March 30, 2008
Personal Porn Machine

A machine purposely used for the intent on browsing porn all day.
Ryan: I heard Jacob got a new PPM
Jack: Awww sick that's neat!

Ryan: Yeah! He can look at porn all day without it affecting his main computer.
by Dankstinky August 12, 2016
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