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Drinking large amounts of Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide (DXM)based cough syrup, and then embarking on an adventure while wandering around neighborhoods or parks all night. This is usually done while listening to Punk rock music from a portable jambox.
Todd, TJ, and Skelton spent a lot of time poping in the 80's
by Toddly September 10, 2006
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Performing the duties of the Catholic Pope.
"I like Pope Francis. I can really get behind his Poping."

"This guy popes like a champ. Someone give him a freaking medal."
by Michael Alan Xavier Leonhardt October 27, 2013
an act of Catholic paedophillia
'that guy should be locked up! he was full on poping that kid!'
by McLeanCooper May 18, 2010
The act of deifying yourself through persevering the greatest extremes of archaic bureaucracy and being conveniently old.
Benedict XVI is poping.
by Dave 12345 April 29, 2008
The act, normally by a drunk man in a nightclub, of placing one's hand atop a girls head in the style of a blessing.

The person committing the act is ostensibly harmless, its not meant as an aggressive act, and mostly gets laughs, but sometimes its not appreciated.

It originated in Sams Nightclub in Brentwood, Essex.
Q: Did you have a goodnight last night?
A: Yes, Glen was so drunk, he was poping all night.
by Ben Burling January 22, 2008
v. 1. acting as or like the pope. 2. acting as pimping as the the pope. 3. (vulgar) a generic insult.
1. When I stole the pope's hat, I was poping!
2. Man, Jamal was popin' all up and down the street yesterday.
3. Motherpoping poper!
by deepomega July 07, 2003

The act of flicking or spraying water at a person using any water source.

Derived from the act of the Priest using the Holy Water Stick to wash away the sins during mass.
Quit poping me with that bottle of water bitch!!!
by Etrayu February 08, 2008

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