Po Whitetrash (Pee-O-Double U) Basically, poor white trash with little education, a lot of children, miniumum wage jobs in retail or manufacturing (although most are on welfare), acid-wash jeans, mullets, IRA membership (or not) and no concept of race relations (unless "a ho is just a ho") or taste in clothes or design.
PoW Britney feeds her kids lollipops, sodapop and they ain't got no pop. Then she's off to strippin' at the airport to earn some money for ProActiv that's on sale at Walmart! She wants to pimp her trailer, man!
by yellow trash August 10, 2007
Puffing On Weed
I'm at home POW
by khaleel143 June 30, 2009
generally just an emphatically aggressive word to place in sentences to make a bre sound hard when hes switchin , derives from Lethal Bizzles, Forward Riddem (pow) tune.
I gotta face they all wanna ramp with POW.

POW if you don't know about me

Pow oowwwwww!!
by Woodlouse April 12, 2005
Slang for powdery snow

See Der
Hey man, are you ready to ride the Pow?
by BiG nELLs January 23, 2005
to thrust deeply into a minor's vagina/anus
person one: omg, Jimmy totally Powed me last night!
Person two: ewh, Jimmybeloved is a faggot.
by jimmy_beloved July 08, 2010
Scottish fancy talk for getting and/or giving head.
After making her the most stupendous cup of tea, she gave me pow out of great thanks.
by flemme February 26, 2009
verb "to pow"
deriving from ancient great pro-ness.
1)To be proffessional at all that one does,

2)To ejaculate in a persons face so that they cannot see,
"that noob got owned pow style."
"that noob got powed and he liked it"
by Newbloods October 10, 2008

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