Pig Of the Week... An award given to your frat buddy's for hooking up with the ugliest girl on campus. This is a weekly award usually given out on a sunday's.
Mike, that girl you hook up with was nasty... You get the POW award this week!
by Inferno July 25, 2005
P-O-W is an acronym for "Piece of Work".
As in "I don't' know what she was thinking wearing that...She is a POW!!!
by anglehottie August 12, 2010
Piss old wanker.....A fake prisoner of war that usually hangs out in VFW's, and other hole in the wall bars and talks about fighting in vietnam. Fake stories and tries to I.D. everyone. Everyone wishes they were still M.I.A.
That retarded P.O.W. better leave me the fuck alone before I stick this pool cue up his ass. shit....
by The Bangkok Project December 29, 2007
Its a snowboarder term for powder. That light fluffy stuff that makes waking up in the morning worth it.
"hey amigo lets go shred that necture pow."
by illegalleppard March 07, 2007
Really old chick; in her 50's.
The phase a woman enters after being a vet, which is the 40 year old range.
I need to bad me a P.O.W. to get my paper straight.
by Wartime Consigliere January 24, 2010
Short for Pussy on Welfare
Fuck i need some ass lets go to the trailer park for some P.O.W.
by dimebagdubbs December 12, 2009
Power over Wireless. Similar to WiTricity.
Provides electricity in a small area via magnetic induction.
Ben powered his WAP (wireless Access Point) with PoW (power over Wireless) when he heard a loud BANG. Something exploded and make a loud KaPOW!!!

Batman said "hey, thats my line"
by mgrosh July 24, 2009
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