slang word for shootin sum1
*gun fingaz* POW POW!...
by Nah Blard!!! December 17, 2004
Puffin On Weed

Made by Soulja Boy on Twitter on June 30, 2009
Guy 1: yo dawg...wat chu doin...

Guy2: nothin much...pow
by iNiiKiia June 30, 2009
Poor Old Westsider. Someone who is from the west side of Columbus, Ohio.
Look at that POW going into that carry-out.
by billbillnorth July 10, 2008
Derived from Prisioner of War- refers to extremly ugly woman
OMFG that chick is a POW, Meaning they are malnourished, unloved, neglected and filthy
by DVS DOGG May 22, 2006
Pig-Cow - a person, usually a woman, that is so fat and disgusting one can't tell which she resembles more
"Jesus H. Christ that pow just ate two sandwiches at once, I wish she would untuck her shirt so we cant see her gigantic arse
by Becca January 03, 2005
an ecphonesis used when some nice big ol' titties or a nice shelf type booty is spotted.
"Man, dem titteez was like, POW!."

"Man, dat ass was like, POW!
by corn master October 02, 2002
hot, wild, fantastic
Baby got a booty go "POW!"
by Dingo October 07, 2003

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