Slang for feeling chemistry with another person. It is that feeling in the pit of your stomach when your eyes meet across a room that indicates attraction on a primal level.

Pow simply is there ...or isnt. There is no way to create pow with another person if it does not exist.
It doesn't matter how nice he is or how much money he has, if there is no pow....there is no pow.
by phaedrapixie August 08, 2009
Power over Wireless. Similar to WiTricity.
Provides electricity in a small area via magnetic induction.
Ben powered his WAP (wireless Access Point) with PoW (power over Wireless) when he heard a loud BANG. Something exploded and make a loud KaPOW!!!

Batman said "hey, thats my line"
by mgrosh July 24, 2009
an interjection expressing impact or amazement.
Pow, and the cow hit the tow...er.
by Kameron the best June 20, 2003
Presently Ossified Woman

-Used as an adjective for when your noticeably way too fucked up and get asked by dumb chicks if your ok.
Your partying your ass off, downing every shot, beer and bong passed your way and than it all hits you at once. You try to keep composure but to no avail and people start noticing, first your boys start to fuck with you because of it and than the random vagina at the party. Thus, when one of the chicks comes up and asks that ever stupid question, "Are you ok ?, than you reply; "I'm POW."
by DP416 November 14, 2010
Piece of work
Making out with the girl all night then you tell her she's no prize and she throws her drink at you? You're a real pow.
by white gloved monkey January 30, 2009
Prisoner Of Welfare.....
- a person at war with government over civil/human/welfare rights....the cycle of welfare keeps a person hostage to the abuses of poverty....they become prisoners of the state.
She lost her job and now lives in public housing as a POW
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
Po Whitetrash (Pee-O-Double U) Basically, poor white trash with little education, a lot of children, miniumum wage jobs in retail or manufacturing (although most are on welfare), acid-wash jeans, mullets, IRA membership (or not) and no concept of race relations (unless "a ho is just a ho") or taste in clothes or design.
PoW Britney feeds her kids lollipops, sodapop and they ain't got no pop. Then she's off to strippin' at the airport to earn some money for ProActiv that's on sale at Walmart! She wants to pimp her trailer, man!
by yellow trash August 10, 2007

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