Prisoner Of War
Someone (usualy a solider) is captured by the opisition forces. While being held is called a "P.O.W." or Prisoner Of War. Though this is almost always a solider held by there nations enemy forces, it is not limited to this, it can be applied to anyone taken captive during war time. Look up the T.V. show "Hogan's Heros". It is about a group of multinational Prisoners Of War being held in a Nazi P.O.W. camp during world war two, and get into many comical situations, once and for all proving that Nazis are hilaious.
by Cerritum Vocant November 10, 2003
1. prisoners of war
2. a sound characters in comic books make when they punch someone
its funny in america POW's are treated like they are on welfare, they are given houses, adequate food, and other commodites, in other countries, POW's are tortured and beheaded
by PlayDohMan May 11, 2004
Something you say when you see an attractive women in the street, office or anywhere walk past you. It means shes sexy and you would like to do sexual activities with her. It can aslo replace the word sex.
Jeff: check her out Jordan shes hot
Jordan: yeah man, damn....pow
by Dr Jeff Cortez July 14, 2009
Pussy On Welfare. Often found living in a "POW camp," i.e., low-income or Section 8 housing, trailer parks, etc.
My friend: "Hey, what's up with the diapers and Popeye's?"
Me: "I'm going to the POW camp and getting a blowjob."
by NH2112 September 30, 2011
Prisoners Of War.
You're supposed to detain them,not fondle their butt-tocks.
by Forest Gump May 10, 2004
Pig Of the Week... An award given to your frat buddy's for hooking up with the ugliest girl on campus. This is a weekly award usually given out on a sunday's.
Mike, that girl you hook up with was nasty... You get the POW award this week!
by Inferno July 25, 2005
Piss old wanker.....A fake prisoner of war that usually hangs out in VFW's, and other hole in the wall bars and talks about fighting in vietnam. Fake stories and tries to I.D. everyone. Everyone wishes they were still M.I.A.
That retarded P.O.W. better leave me the fuck alone before I stick this pool cue up his ass. shit....
by The Bangkok Project December 29, 2007

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