When a woman is going through the pain of one of her internal organs shedding a layer. This may cause her to have a lower tolerance for incompetence and is why pmsing has such negative connotations.
If you happen to be the incompetent dingwad that pissed off a pmsing female, be kind to those around you and don't go off complaining about "how much of a bitch she is".
Caution: if a girl is angry don't just ask her if she is pmsing. Believe it or not that is one of the most infuriating things someone can say. Its like saying she cant be angry. Even if some shit just went down.
Jerry: god Penny why are you so angry? Are you pmsing or something?
Penny: no I'm not pmsing I have a genuine reason to be angry!

Jerry: oh my god Penny was such a bitch today. She got angry at me for cheating on her. Can you believe it? I bet she was pmsing or something.

Steve: Didn't she say she wasn't? And why wouldn't she get angry? You were being a dingwad.
by D.L.O.T.U. June 11, 2014
The week or so of month where girls expirience horrible pain, crazy mood swings, blood streaming out of their vagina, and the desire to curl up in a ball and possibly never move again.

And the thing is guys are right, girls are crazy ass bitches when they are pmsing but they complain about girls using pms as an excuse to bitch and not give blow jobs or have sex. Hey how bout you try getting repeatedly getting kicked in the balls and gut while having a cotton stick shoved up your ass and act normal.

It's not that big of a deal if you give girls a little space when she's being bitchy and not complain bout getting no ass.
guy: babe wanna suck my dick
girl: I hope you drop dead
guy: jeez your a real bitch
girl: go away
guy: this sucks balls
girl: *pulls out a knife
guy: oh jeezus she's pmsing
by ieatbrains2400 April 04, 2012
A time of the month just before a girl's period where she's either really horny or really angry.
Girl: Let's get it o....get away from me, douchebag!"
Boy: Damn you, PMS.
by Anonymous Teen Girl January 26, 2011
1.The part of the worst time of month for a woman to go through during her period, where she has occasional mood wings and tends to be a tad irritable when communicating with people.

2.And the constant irritating excuses people use when a girl gets mad at them. (Even though she's not on her period or anywhere near it.)
Amanda: I hate you.
Donny: What?
Amanda: I love you.
Donny: Wait, wait, wait, what happened to I hate you?
Donny: What the hell, Amanda?

Ms. Sally: God, your so stupid when it comes to a girl's feelings.
Donny: Oh god...she's pms'ing.
Ms. Sally: Donny, I'm 70. I don't have a period anymore.
Donny: were serious?
Ms. Sally:-facepalm- Yes, child.

by thoughts~ March 12, 2009
Periodic Man Syndrome

The act of a person (usually female, more common mildly in men) to once a month become very angry at everything, resembling the stereotypical view of men.
-Dude, you're being a dick.-
-Oh... Sorry. Just some PMS.-
by JNg13 October 16, 2010
Poor Mans Syndrome

symptons are anxiety, loss of appetite, sad face, anger, short temper, upset stomach, shaking, mood swings.
this normally may occur at end of month while waiting to 1st or 3rd of month for check. may also happen within a two week period while waiting for payday.
this is common in most urban areas and may last anywhere from 1 to 7 days.
there is a cure for PMS, all symptoms subside when money is available.
man, i cant wait for the 1st to roll around, this PMS is killing me.
once i get a real good job, no more poor mans syndrome.
by imdabear September 06, 2010
Post Missionary Syndrome. Often times when Mormon boys return from their missions they act and react awkwardly in everyday situations due to their detachment from real life situations for the past two years.
"See that guy over there? He just got home from his mission and he totally has PMS"

"Dude, would you relax around these girls? They're supposed to have the tampons not you. You must have PMS"
by colbyd87 September 18, 2012
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