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To move extremely quickly, to move at an expeditious rate. Primarily American, generally southern.
Man, that guy's Z28 really hauls ass!
by Auxois June 20, 2003
To move much quicker than the normal pace
General: How far is Delta Company from the crash site?
Soldier: 8 blocks, sir.
General: We need to haul ass!
by Ryan "Homie G" May 30, 2005
To move fast and work rapidly, or to deliver hookers to their customers.
Oh man, it's 10:45! I gotta haul ass!

That pimp makes money hauling ass.
by Skelwor August 14, 2009
To relocate a donkey by means of vehiclular transportation.
Boy, those F-150's ain't so fast, but they can sure haul ass!
by Rick August 08, 2003
Something you do when Victoria walks in the room.
*Victoria walks in room*

RUNNN KRISTI! RUNN!" says Amber.

*Both children HAUL ASS*
by LookUpGoochPoop June 04, 2010
to suck, to be not good, to be bad or against your will, unfair
Damn! This hauls ass!
by Anonymous June 01, 2003
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