Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

When you have not ridden your motorcycle in a long period of time, and are going through withdrawal.

Usually occurs during the winter.
Guy: Man I wish I could go riding!

Other guy: I see you have PMS.
by JordanMn July 10, 2008
When a woman is going through the pain of one of her internal organs shedding a layer. This may cause her to have a lower tolerance for incompetence and is why pmsing has such negative connotations.
If you happen to be the incompetent dingwad that pissed off a pmsing female, be kind to those around you and don't go off complaining about "how much of a bitch she is".
Caution: if a girl is angry don't just ask her if she is pmsing. Believe it or not that is one of the most infuriating things someone can say. Its like saying she cant be angry. Even if some shit just went down.
Jerry: god Penny why are you so angry? Are you pmsing or something?
Penny: no I'm not pmsing I have a genuine reason to be angry!

Jerry: oh my god Penny was such a bitch today. She got angry at me for cheating on her. Can you believe it? I bet she was pmsing or something.

Steve: Didn't she say she wasn't? And why wouldn't she get angry? You were being a dingwad.
by D.L.O.T.U. June 11, 2014
Post Missionary Syndrome. Often times when Mormon boys return from their missions they act and react awkwardly in everyday situations due to their detachment from real life situations for the past two years.
"See that guy over there? He just got home from his mission and he totally has PMS"

"Dude, would you relax around these girls? They're supposed to have the tampons not you. You must have PMS"
by colbyd87 September 18, 2012
pissed at men syndrome
Dad to son: Do you know what PMS is?
Son: Dad, I'm not a little kid anymore. Means "pissed at men syndrome."
by TaylorFTW August 01, 2012
Pissed at Men Syndrome
Boy: hey


Boy: wtf did i do? youre PMS-ing

Girl: im sorry i love you!

Boy: i love you too

by TheUsual3 April 24, 2010
Pissed at Men Syndrom
oh my god, she was PMSing so bad at school with guys!
by wishitwouldhappen April 15, 2010
When a girl has certain symptoms before/during their period. EX: headaches, bloating, feeling fat, feeling icky, mood-swings, tiredness, etc.

GUYS WHO THINK THAT THEY GO THROUGH SO MUCH WHEN A WOMAN IS PMSING are selfish dicks who don't realize what a woman goes through and will have to go through for most of their life. Think about it our way. If you were bleeding from your ass and had to have a pad on your butt, wet and sticky from blood for 4-6 hours, OR have a tampon stuck up your ass, and still have to have a pantyliner in just in case, you'd be pretty bitchy too. It's even worse at school or work, where you barely have any time to change it, so there's a possibility that the pad will have to stay there for the WHOLE DAY. Not to mention the constant fear of your period leaking through, or the cramps. Imagine having someone kick your balls repeatedly, and while that's happening, your SO is complaining about how he has to hear you whine. All the guys think it's SO horrible, because they get yelled at occasionally and have to deal with mood swings. You don't even know the half of it.

Another thing. We HATE it when guys just assume we're on our period, even if we are. It's like saying that girls are incapable of being mad without it having to do with their menstrual cycle.
Girl: Ugh. I'm so mad!

Boy: Oh... ::wink:: Are you... You know.

Girl: What? I can't just be mad because he broke up with me? Gosh...


Girl: ...No. Just shut up and go away.

Boy: Gosh, don't get so mad just cause you're on your period.
by HiMySweetheart~ February 01, 2010

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