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Pi ssed off at
M ankind
S yndrome.

Occurs a little before or during a girl's period. It basically makes you feel like crap for anywhere from 2 to 5 days.
Let me put it this way, if men had to deal with this, the international suicide rate would be a lot higher.

It can causes any or many of the following symptoms: mood swings, low self esteem, headaches, cramps from Hell, bloating, snapiness, fatigue, muscle/joint aches, food cravings, heightened thirst, nausea, stomachaches, more frequent crying, insomnia, boob tenderness, acne break outs, or even nightmares.

I don't suggest teasing your girlfriend while she's go through this.

Girls may celebrate its completion with ice cream.
Jeez, PMS blows. This headache's been going on all day!

Dude, don't mess with Stacy right now, she's PMSing. She'll bite your head off!
by The Wondering Wanderer October 04, 2011
The act of getting high and eating everything in sightt, until you realize that your stomach cannot hold anymore food and that you are about to gag
Dude, i got super stoned and ate everything in te fridge, Im suffereing from PMS (Post Munchie Sydrone) and i have to take a major sh*t
by king blue June 17, 2011
Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

When you have not ridden your motorcycle in a long period of time, and are going through withdrawal.

Usually occurs during the winter.
Guy: Man I wish I could go riding!

Other guy: I see you have PMS.
by JordanMn July 10, 2008
A time of the month just before a girl's period where she's either really horny or really angry.
Girl: Let's get it o....get away from me, douchebag!"
Boy: Damn you, PMS.
by Anonymous Teen Girl January 26, 2011
Pre or Post-Midnight Snack:

It is a humorous term intended to be confused with the scientific Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (the original PMS), especially when used by a male.
Mike: Man, my PMS was really delicious.
Joe: What...?
Mike: My Post-Midnight Snack.
Joe: Wha-? Ohh.

Phil: I think I'll have my PMS soon.
Linda: Jerk! Are you making fun of me?
Phil: What? No! I'm just gonna heat up my Pre-Midnight Snack!
Linda: Hahaha, that's... clever.
by JHJH123 October 15, 2008
When a woman is going through the pain of one of her internal organs shedding a layer. This may cause her to have a lower tolerance for incompetence and is why pmsing has such negative connotations.
If you happen to be the incompetent dingwad that pissed off a pmsing female, be kind to those around you and don't go off complaining about "how much of a bitch she is".
Caution: if a girl is angry don't just ask her if she is pmsing. Believe it or not that is one of the most infuriating things someone can say. Its like saying she cant be angry. Even if some shit just went down.
Jerry: god Penny why are you so angry? Are you pmsing or something?
Penny: no I'm not pmsing I have a genuine reason to be angry!

Jerry: oh my god Penny was such a bitch today. She got angry at me for cheating on her. Can you believe it? I bet she was pmsing or something.

Steve: Didn't she say she wasn't? And why wouldn't she get angry? You were being a dingwad.
by D.L.O.T.U. June 11, 2014
Not just a PRE Menstrual Syndrome, but a PRE, PRESENT or POST - all year long - Menstrual Syndrome.
In need of some chocolate, Im PMSing.
by hilanimal November 26, 2013