innate bitchiness of a woman between age 9 and age 56 just before her period
they call it PMS because the expression Mad Cow was already taken
by Jake March 04, 2004
i dont know why everyone is saying all this shit about pms! its just before and during a girls menstruation week when she might get cravings, get bloated, get bitchy, have mood swings, cramps etc.
there are no examples of pms. its different for everyone.
by Lili333 April 17, 2007
The week or so of month where girls expirience horrible pain, crazy mood swings, blood streaming out of their vagina, and the desire to curl up in a ball and possibly never move again.

And the thing is guys are right, girls are crazy ass bitches when they are pmsing but they complain about girls using pms as an excuse to bitch and not give blow jobs or have sex. Hey how bout you try getting repeatedly getting kicked in the balls and gut while having a cotton stick shoved up your ass and act normal.

It's not that big of a deal if you give girls a little space when she's being bitchy and not complain bout getting no ass.
guy: babe wanna suck my dick
girl: I hope you drop dead
guy: jeez your a real bitch
girl: go away
guy: this sucks balls
girl: *pulls out a knife
guy: oh jeezus she's pmsing
by ieatbrains2400 April 04, 2012
Poor Mans Syndrome

symptons are anxiety, loss of appetite, sad face, anger, short temper, upset stomach, shaking, mood swings.
this normally may occur at end of month while waiting to 1st or 3rd of month for check. may also happen within a two week period while waiting for payday.
this is common in most urban areas and may last anywhere from 1 to 7 days.
there is a cure for PMS, all symptoms subside when money is available.
man, i cant wait for the 1st to roll around, this PMS is killing me.
once i get a real good job, no more poor mans syndrome.
by imdabear September 06, 2010
The worst time of the month for a man, similar to hell or slow bloody death. During a woman's pms, she becomes a beast, not as bad as the devil but pretty damn close. Not the best time to ask for sex, or do much of anything involving your girlfriend. In other words, leave her the fuck alone! Women are also known to pull out concealed weapons in pms

*Pms stands for pre menstrual syndrome or pass me the shotgun

Signs of pms are
•uncontrolable anger in a woman
•Demented mood swings
•threats of murder or suicide
•sudden growth of a tail and horns

*girls say its a hard time for them, but thats no reason to take out your anger and concealed weapons on us men. We're trying to help (unless we're not)
Girl-i hate you!
Boy- what the fuck did i do?
Girl- oh my god i fuckin love you!!!
Boy- WHAT???
Girl- (pulls out a pistol) Get the fuck out of my fuckin house you fuckin pervert!!!
Boy- oh shit, its that time of the month. I hate PMS
by Da fat rat wit da cheese July 19, 2009
Pi ssed off at
M ankind
S yndrome.

Occurs a little before or during a girl's period. It basically makes you feel like crap for anywhere from 2 to 5 days.
Let me put it this way, if men had to deal with this, the international suicide rate would be a lot higher.

It can causes any or many of the following symptoms: mood swings, low self esteem, headaches, cramps from Hell, bloating, snapiness, fatigue, muscle/joint aches, food cravings, heightened thirst, nausea, stomachaches, more frequent crying, insomnia, boob tenderness, acne break outs, or even nightmares.

I don't suggest teasing your girlfriend while she's go through this.

Girls may celebrate its completion with ice cream.
Jeez, PMS blows. This headache's been going on all day!

Dude, don't mess with Stacy right now, she's PMSing. She'll bite your head off!
by The Wondering Wanderer October 04, 2011
Pissed at Men Syndrome
Boy: hey


Boy: wtf did i do? youre PMS-ing

Girl: im sorry i love you!

Boy: i love you too

by TheUsual3 April 24, 2010
Pissed at Men Syndrom
oh my god, she was PMSing so bad at school with guys!
by wishitwouldhappen April 15, 2010

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