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The abbreviation for Peddie Food Service, the dining hall food service of the prestigious private boarding high school, the Peddie School, located in Hightstown, NJ. Founded in 1864, the Peddie Food Service has since then been dedicated to providing its students and faculty with food made from local ingredients, in both edible and inedible forms. Traditionally, the latter is being served most of the time. Some of its most popular dishes include: chicken nuggets, chicken cheddar wraps, chicken kiev etc.
Student A: Yo what's for dinner tonight?
Student B: PFS. 'Nuf said.
by vakamanj May 31, 2013
pretty fucking serious started by a ucla student by the alias of party boy, abbreviation was developed by his pledge bro. Term was developed by greek community
that chick is pfs

How was last night? PFS

by epsilon pledge class July 24, 2011
Acronym: Pretty Fucking Sweet

1. Used as a way to describe something that is just way to cool for school.

2. Also used when saying 'Sweet' just doesn't cut it.
Example 1:
"I checked out that DJ from SA that you told me about. PFS!"

Example 2:
"I got digets from two girls at that show, now thats PFS."
by DJ_Wags March 13, 2006
Post Fat Syndrome. People with PFS have large and completely undeserved quantities of self-confidence. They are invariably wankers but nothing will lead them to accept this. The condition, and the undeserved confidence, is usually, but not always the result of significant weight loss.
Yeah, he used to be a typically fat loser, then he lost the weight and got PFS, now he's even more annoying!
by John G E June 06, 2005
The term pfs is short for penis to face slap. It is when a male uses his penis to slap a girl across the face.
Pat asked felicia for a blow job and she wouldn't give it to him so he pfs'd her.
by mack sweets August 07, 2012
Or pfors
Meaning: PUSH FOR STACKS. Sell for money meant for immediate need.
1. I just pushed my ride for gamble stacks.

2. 50 just P his hummer for a bet S.

3. Tyson did a pfors on his winning gloves to get lunch.

4. We need cash, let's Pfs our phones.
by Kaydamus June 29, 2009
a short form for pretty fuckin sweet on msn
wow that movie was PFS!!
by Rochelle proulx October 12, 2006
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