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A short acronym meaning "Pretty Fucking"

Used before an adjective to make it more powerful.

Synonymous with "really".
*Guy on facebook*

pf tired!


that girl was pf cute.
by Le Goofay August 31, 2011
PF = Poopy Fingers

When a guy fingers a girl in the ass and gets poop on his fingers. This can be a warm up to anal sex for the girl or just for kinky pleasure.
Tony: Hey what did u do with Alex last night?
Daniel: Man all I did was finger her.... in the butt!!!
Tony: Dude that's disgusting!
Daniel: It was great at the time but now I have PF for life.
by sportsman247365 August 16, 2010
PF = Penis Fencing

aka Pf'ing
You going to PF with WB tonight??

Wow, you definately were pfing in class.

Dude, pfing with WB?
by thecscherme September 24, 2009
Initials for a play fag, someone who like to be in plays and see plays to the point where it runs their life. A true P-F would never be seen playing a sport, and P-F's usually wear ridiculous costume clothing and make up all the time.
Billy, stop being such a p-f, you've already tried out for that play.
by fitchin yo mama April 10, 2007
Pussy Factory

describes the quality of women at a given place

not to be used describing WalMart ever!
"I just came to target to get some grocery's and now I don't want to leave because this store is Such a P.f."
by Snotnose1 October 13, 2013
A Porn Freak
You had porn on your phone in year 10? You must be a Pf
by yummyasshole December 16, 2015
Acronym for Pussy Fat
"Oh my god! Look at that girl's PF! She is practically tripping on it!"
by herby & kristen August 07, 2005
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