To be made a fool of.
If ever there was an ‘epic fail’ of attempted big-time drug deals, then this is it. When 21-year old Dwayne Grant Seabourne admitted to police upon return to Tasmania last year that he’d flown back from Melbourne with $6000 worth of ecstasy in his luggage, little did he know that the Melbourne underworld had duped him with something else entirely – a shipment of 400 delicious blue M&M’s, to be precise.

“He returned to Launceston with what he believed were ecstasy tablets,” Crown prosecutor Jackie Hartnett told the Burnie Supreme Court last month. “He purchased 400 tablets for $15 each…intending to sell them for $30 each.”

However, The Advocate reports that when being interviewed by police, Seabourne didn’t express the relief that you’d expect when it became clear he’d been spared a lifetime behind bars. Instead, his response was instead much closer to anger – that those wily underworld crims had done him over! “He felt someone had essentially ripped him off,” Hartnett told the court. Dastardly underworld villains that they are.

While the state has yet to pass any laws banning the trafficking of blue M&M’s (as deliciously addictive as they may be), the prosecution argued that Seabourne should be sentenced on the “basis of the evil intended, not on the basis of the evil that could have been accomplished”.

Arguing in Seabourne’s defence, counsel Katie Edwards claimed that any harm that could have come from his “particularly unsophisticated attempt” to deal drugs was effectively nil.

by D3f1n3d July 01, 2009
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v. owned, 0wned, pwned, 0wn3d, pwn3d, own3d.
v. tr.
To be made a fool of; To make a fool of; To confound or prove wrong; embarrasing someone: Being embarrased.
I owned you in counter-strike. You were owned at the party yesterday.
by Quick Reply September 20, 2003
Total and undeniable dominance of a person, group of people or situation as to make them/it akin to ones bitch.
Ha! I own you, bitch!
by itch December 28, 2003
Originated as a term used by hackers to describe gaining possession of a system, having hacked a box and got root they basically control it as much as if it was theirs, thus it could be considered owned by them. From this it was encorporated into the cultures vernacular including the limited(and awkward to type) vocabulary of so called l33t speak(0wn3d) Would-be hackers would come to use the phrase when taking someone out with a ping flood or other DoS attack, and although no access to the victim's system (typically another newbie hanging around on the same irc channel speaking in numbers) was gained yet they were still said to be owned. From there is came to simply mean bettering (or fucking over) someone and was even used to describe non-computer based events as described in the many other definitions. Though now its most common in CS games when someone kills you...

With the original use of the word it would seem most people I see using XP dont even own their own system :p
I own

I fucking 0wn3d j00 n00b!!

Batman ownz the Joker (again)
by savagegump February 11, 2005
An overused gamerboy term. Using this term is now considered the most potent contraceptive available. Anyone saying this is guaranteed not to get any.
Everyone and his brother has uploaded a picture for "Owned", although no one cares about it and no one will see it.
by Satchmo II March 14, 2005
To be defeated in a computer game, causing the winner's ego to inflate like a party balloon as if such a victory has any tangible significance outside that of his stinking socks-infested dorm room. These people will frequently create animated GIFs of violent sports events where a player gets clobbered by his opponent, complete with blinking neon "PWN3D!" captions, and post them on their blogs to indicate that they should not be messed with.
Person A: Dude, totally like you sooo suck so much, I PWNZ0RED J00!!!!11!!11

Person B: It's a god damned game of rock/paper/scissors, asshole. Please die.
by The 2-Belo October 13, 2003
To be physically or mentally disgraced in a formidible fasion.
Peter got owned by aunt Clara because he tried to steal her purse; Kicked in the nuts.
by Afghan dude December 02, 2008
To so thoroughly beat someone, as to embarrass them.
Person 1: Did you see Jack? He just got owned by Fatal1ty.

Person 2: Yeah, it was embarrassing.
by wesintex March 07, 2009
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