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A non-Japanese person who has developed a severe affection for Japanese exported popular cultural items, particularly anime, snack foods, toys, video games, and other mass-produced trinkets (while caring little about Japan as a nation or as a people). Such fans are typically young white Americans, which led them to be labeled with this decidedly racially-charged nickname. Although extremely irritating, they are ultimately harmless, as few become proficient enough in the actual Japanese language to actually travel to Japan to become Janks, McSenseis, or etc. The average "Wapanese" should only be given the same weight as that of the Radiohead fan, or similar follower of middle-America strobe-flash trends.
To a Wapanese, a box of Pocky chocolate sticks is high cuisine from an alien planet that should be carried around prominiently in the webbing of their rucksacks for all the world to see, rather than a cheap box of oversweet junk food.
by The 2-Belo December 01, 2003
To be defeated in a computer game, causing the winner's ego to inflate like a party balloon as if such a victory has any tangible significance outside that of his stinking socks-infested dorm room. These people will frequently create animated GIFs of violent sports events where a player gets clobbered by his opponent, complete with blinking neon "PWN3D!" captions, and post them on their blogs to indicate that they should not be messed with.
Person A: Dude, totally like you sooo suck so much, I PWNZ0RED J00!!!!11!!11

Person B: It's a god damned game of rock/paper/scissors, asshole. Please die.
by The 2-Belo October 13, 2003
A conversational English teacher in Japan; stereotypically a young unskilled Western male working for a small English school on a short contract.
Jonathan was your typical Tokyo McSensei: classes for bored housewives by day, desperate skirt-chasing by night...
by The 2-Belo May 07, 2003
The error message given by a modem when the telephone line carrier signal is lost. In the days of BBSs this was a frequent occurrence, often at the very moment someone was typing a sentence. Loss of signal would cause a string of garbage characters to be displayed to the recipient.
In later years this gave rise to an unending joke, depicting someone getting forcefully interrupted or otherwise cut off the internet, out of spite, in the middle of a particularly boring thought, irritating tirade, or some Famous Last Words.
"Backups? BACKUPS? We don' NEED no STEENKIN' BAC{`+#$%{`&+#{@$`%+NO CARRIER
by The 2-Belo June 29, 2004
Term that describes Japanese animated cartoons made in the 1980s or earlier, usually television series made on small budgets resulting in Bullwinkle-style art and as much story as possible crammed into a half hour. This term has been generally replaced with the word anime since the 1990s.
Kyojin no Hoshi, Heidi of the Swiss Alps, and The Flanders' Dog are the most well-known japanimation titles within Japan.
by The 2-Belo January 07, 2004
1) Completely fouled up; hosed.
2) Complicated beyond any comprehension.
This is the most confuckulated user's manual I've ever read.
by The 2-Belo May 07, 2003
Compressed dust and grime that builds up on the rollers in an old-style ball mouse, frequently causing the mouse to perform less than optimally. One must usually scrape the material off the rollers with one's fingernail.
Hold on, my pointer's jumping all over the place... I've got a serious case of mouse boogers here.
by The 2-Belo September 12, 2003
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