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Owned is when you get humiliated by someone.
man : i decided i love you and i wanna marry you more then anything.
women: nop, looser.
me: owned!
by MisterFatass April 02, 2009
Meaning you got told or someone or something showed you up. It's a word over-used my immature teenagers. Mostly while playing video games, but sometimes it's said randomly.
Old lady slips on ice and falls.
Boy: Haha! OWNED!!
Old lady: How?
Boy: Dude, the ice totally owned you.
by BlameitChick January 02, 2011
Total and undeniable dominance to make them ones bitch. To dominate the person completely, to humiliate them, to be physically or mentally disgraced. Defeated, lost, humiliated, possessed, treated as an inferior, forced to be submissive to the greed and selfishness of their owner. Mentally controlled and brainwashed serving the self-centered greediness of others. Unloved and beaten down physically and mentally only to service their owner, defeated and stripped of their free will, used as the owners property. Conquered, captured, forced to comply to demands with no will of your own. Becoming an owned thing. Having your free will utterly destroyed. Having your dignity crushed and dominated used by the owner(s). Having your own wants and desires Paralyzed to the point of having no free will or desires of your own – entering a state of mental immobility and giving your life over to
the owner to be dominated and let them do with you as they want as time and your life rush by never to be seen again, gone forever as you are constantly used by them to satisfy their vicious greed. Never to be truly Loved again.. Becoming the bitch of someone after being totally dominated or embarrassed by them. Total demoralization of someone usually in public. The person who is owned must submit to being humiliated, and used as a fool. They must stand by as the owner(s) brag about how they control and use the owned bitch.
his bitch wife is now his owned property.
by gallant one January 15, 2010
An expression of ownership. The phrase, “You got OWNED!” usually follows a particularly impressive insult or win. It is important to remember, however, that you cannot “own” an individual who has recently “owned” you. This will take away from the expression’s effectiveness and make you look like a tool.
For example:

Sally: “You got owned!”

Jim: *Gives Sally the finger*. “Now who owns who, huh?”

Sally: *Walks away, because Jim is obviously oblivious to the ownership rule*.
by Tsunami Lu March 19, 2009
When someone inacts n00bish behaviour, incurring them to be bettered by something else...Therefore positioning them in an owned state (aka state of ownage)
little girl A hits big boy A in face with bat, big boy A cries, big boy A's friends heckle "OWNED" at him
by Paul Foster July 28, 2005
To give someone a smart answer for when they ask stupid questions
masterbrain says:
Badwolf69 says:
In your drugged up world yes

by badwolf669 February 22, 2010
When someone gets told or gets put in their place.
It can also mean when someone is defeated
Girl that girl just called me out...Damn I got owned
by Yorubagirl February 04, 2010