To give someone a smart answer for when they ask stupid questions
masterbrain says:
Badwolf69 says:
In your drugged up world yes

by badwolf669 February 22, 2010
When someone gets told or gets put in their place.
It can also mean when someone is defeated
Girl that girl just called me out...Damn I got owned
by Yorubagirl February 04, 2010
The state of something after it has been completely dominated by something else; the resistance put up is nothing compared to the incoming force, thus the object is owned.
Shit that squirrel just got owned by that steam roller.
by ddaD April 19, 2009
A word sometimes used humorously, like a verbal high-five, between good friends. Also a word commonly used in PvP games, such as World of Warcraft, etc.
Dude 1: "Bro, I just scored with Audrey."
Dude 2: "Owned."

Friend 1: "Man I just beat his ass in a duel."
Friend 2: "Owned. Even though you're a OP ret pally, ya asshole."
by Deathspartan66 July 28, 2009
to prove someone wrong or insult them in a way they can't comeback
'your stupid' said bob 'well at least i aren't retarded' replied steve!

( steve just owned bob )
by !"£ November 09, 2008
To be placed under the dominion of another.
Excuse me, sir, but I believe that you just got owned.
by KingOfIthaca April 23, 2007
When you watch too much of the Oprah Winfrey Network and you suddenly feel like an empowered middle aged black woman.
Kari: "ohhhh man, I got OWNed last night."

Amber: "who made a fool of you?? I'm gonna kick their---"

Kari: "No I just watched a marathon of Iyanla, Fix My Life."
by Renka912 November 09, 2012

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