(n) A term used during competition, complete elimination, where opposing team did not stand a chance.
The SOCOM II Clan, Palestinian Stone Throwers, create a unforgettable display of ownage every time they play.
by Maximus January 11, 2004
Being a state of 'Ownage': (Adverb, Adjective & Pronoun); One who produces a high level of Ownarity amongst others.
The person who wrote this definition is from Australia and they are Ownage.
by toneboy August 09, 2007
1. Anything that generally is better than anything else.
2. An exclamation of the brilliance of someone/thing
Often spelt pwnage.
Person 1:That dude is really good
Person 2: Yeah man, he's the ownage!

by The_forum_hobo February 20, 2007
to be the ownage ypu must absalutly spank...rape and humiliate all noobs
hey i was on command and conquer last night and this ultimate gamer called spudsup owned me.... yeh id say that guy was the ownage
by spudzup November 05, 2006
the act of a male "humping" another male (with close on) for sport.
ken mengal experianced "ownage" on Dec. 3 at 10:18pm
by cmaster06 March 20, 2006
the way you own ur property
the way darndt owned shep at state
by darndt December 31, 2002
Apart from the definition of kicking someones butt, it can also be used on myspace as a way to virtually "own" someones picture, you leave a comment saying something like "can i own?" then on the caption of that photo your name would be placed on it e.g. Emily owns!
random guy commenting--"Yo dude cool picture can i have ownage?"
owner of the space--*changes the caption to "random guy owns"*
by lilemmaleebabee May 08, 2007
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