Total domination of an opponent
I am teh 1337 ownage!
by Sp00ky- March 07, 2006
When a player beats another player by a sexually entising amount on a game.
Bill "Sammy Girl i own You"
Sam "Yes that was complete Ownage"
by Bill Smith February 18, 2004
When you see something of someone elses (ie photo or picture), you can call ownage, letting you "own" it...technically.
Person 1: *Uploads new photo on MySpace*
Person 2: Nice, I call ownage =D

etc, etc...
by TheBryan October 04, 2008
Someone who "thinks there Elite or 1337" but get there vids deleted because they think there better than everyone and can overrule who they want. Obviously they dont listen to their friends who advise them not to and they still do it. Its unbelievable that these people continue to think there better than everyone and everything such as Youtube.
Dex: Im going to put up a vid of my friend's reaction of him watching a horse dick!

Christian: I dont think you should do that...

*Youtube deletes video*

Christian: OWNAGE!
by Chris Chaplin September 21, 2008
ownage is when you do something that makes someone your bitch
Max: My mom says hi.
S: I bet she does. OWNAGE
by s March 30, 2005
The art of owning someone excessively. Originally coined by the player "TiacSway" in Soldier of Fortune 2.
OMG i got some major ownage!
by SwampFox December 23, 2004
To be a pimp and to own.
1. Ownage!
by || KZ || November 28, 2001

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