if you have been owned it means you had your ass kicked at something. you say ownage if someone or something gets derstroyed, shredded or basically totalled. ownage is mayhem on a larger scale.
you'll get owned
if a car crashed someone could say ownage
by Super Froob October 12, 2006
1. Beating someone in a game, thus owning them.

2. Mastering someone in the mind, in a game, in life, and physically.

3. Getting a higher score than someone.

< person 1> -Tackles person 2 to the ground> Oh! Oh I OWN you! What now? Huh? Huh? What now?? Total OWNAGE!

<person 2> Yeah...you got me, ugh...I'm owned
by I OWN the internet April 22, 2006
Definition: To be owned

Background: The ownage squad www.riceo.co.uk
You got owned
Lets own him
by Robert Derry October 25, 2004
Often used in games like Counter Strike when you humiliate the oponent with an easy kill... Owned / Ownage

The N33rds always type 0wnag3.. that figures :D
Ohhh! I iz teh r0xxor! I owned @ CD with teh knife!!

"friend" owned @ eating less food than me.
by Le Buk Sportif^ September 06, 2003
Ownage is when you are playing Halo 2 or Halo 3 and you are completely dominating your opponent(Examples of this would be consisent tea-bagging on your foes) However, Ownage should be used very sparcely, because ownage is a privalage, not a game that you have won only by 5 kills. I own all the time in Halo 3, and afterwards me and my friends say this......
MoeJoe The King="Oh we just owned those guys 25 to 2!!"
Pepsi Classic says, "Oh yes the ownage was supreme!!"
Together we chant, "ownage, ownage, ownage, ownage,"

This is all said while our opponents listen in agony because of their shameful skills.
by MoeJoe The King November 23, 2007


Describes the action of extending ownership, often in the context of competetive online computer games
* pimp has killed |SJK| Killer *
* pimp has killed p0r0xide *
* pimp has killed st3pch1ld *
* pimp has killed 6thDarkeyes*

pimp: Ownage.
by Rob McCool July 19, 2003
Someone who "thinks there Elite or 1337" but get there vids deleted because they think there better than everyone and can overrule who they want. Obviously they dont listen to their friends who advise them not to and they still do it. Its unbelievable that these people continue to think there better than everyone and everything such as Youtube.
Dex: Im going to put up a vid of my friend's reaction of him watching a horse dick!

Christian: I dont think you should do that...

*Youtube deletes video*

Christian: OWNAGE!
by Chris Chaplin September 21, 2008
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