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The act or state of perpetrating fierce and unholy domination against another, typically in a videogame setting, resulting in shame and embarassment for the victim and his/her family until the end of time.
"We laid down the ownage on those no0b-ass no0bz"
by ghostpigeon July 23, 2005
n. a horrible, despicable, and very bad person

v. to go balls-out insane and destroy something
"Becky's new boyfriend smells bad and doesn't have a job. He's a real osama."

"When Becky broke up with her boyfriend, he totally osamaed her car!"
by ghostpigeon July 25, 2005
A term used most frequently in first-person shooter video games, "camping" refers to the act of hiding or otherwise remaining in a hidden, obscured, or safe location in order to ambush an enemy or objective, or to avoid harm.

There is much controversy over whether or not camping is a respectable strategy; some claim camping is cowardly and cheap, while others maintain that it is intelligent and strategic.
"There's a guy camping outside the door with a Covenant Energy Sword. Be careful, lest he perpetrate the ownage against you."

"That sniper-ass sniper be camping on top of the base."
by ghostpigeon July 25, 2005
v. to exhibit a grievous lack of skill, particulary in video games (see no0b).

n. a person who has been owned; a person who suxorz

n. a tiny North American rodent, suxoridae guaranatensis, known to live inside empty bottles of Bawls
"My girlfriend really suX0rz at Halo 2, so I only let her play team training."

"My girlfriend is teh suXor at Halo 2."

"Will you please call pest control? I saw three suxors in the kitchen this morning!"
by ghostpigeon July 25, 2005
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