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External reality, unlike the Internet which is the internal reality.
I've spent too much time on the Internet, i need to get a life on the Outernet.
by jfp October 11, 2007
A scary and horrible place where people are not as nice as the Internet, outernetters call it the real life
Mom:you have to go outside
Me:but the outernet scares me!
by Happylittlequiff September 23, 2014
When you try to use the internet on your school's server, but all the sites you want to use are blocked.
I can't access facebook from the school's computers. I thought they had internet access, not outernet.
by mischeifmanaged December 11, 2010
in cafes, street signs and corners, resturants... even; as I read once in Wired, on top of taxis in NY... beaming info from the Net and webvertisement.
dig: the e-revolution is nothing but a big advertainment campaign to empty you already emptied pockets!
by hytham_hammer July 13, 2005