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The new promised land of eternal redemption in the midst of United States of America.
jerUSAlem supports our troups !
by jfp February 07, 2008
External reality, unlike the Internet which is the internal reality.
I've spent too much time on the Internet, i need to get a life on the Outernet.
by jfp October 11, 2007
Abbreviation for "This is China".
In a chinese internet coffee:

Guy #1: What the...I can't watch this video on youtube!

Guy #2: lol! TIC...
by jfp February 21, 2008
Cops are an anti-ebony squad.
an african american person :
man...you can't do no rodney king on me, i'm clean !

cops :
ok, he looks suspicious, let's cuff him...
by jfp March 01, 2008

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