An economically-damaged state where many morons actually move in. Aren't they aware of Oregon's economy and how hard it is to get a job? An overall boring state that's probably good for snowboarders and skiers, but for everyone else, it really sucks. Don't move here. It's a state where boredom would eat away at you like a skin disease.
People say I should move to California. Maybe I'll take that under advisement.
by Kyle February 27, 2005
A place where there is nothing but green and trees. During winter it does nothing but rain, summer its warm, but not muggy. It stops raining for about 3 months of the year. Oregon also is one of the biggest racist states in the US. Also everyone just sits around and are complete hippies. Hicks and Hippies rule Oregon. Also Oregonians hate California people. I wouldn't recommend coming to OREGON.
Bob:"Hey Let's go to Oregon!"
Jim:"I'm black/mexican/other race, I'll be in danger."
by hockeyislife March 28, 2006
Place where gas is cheap and the scenery is.. well.. scenic. But all the bitches are FUGLY!!! Every woman would only need to swap genitalia to BE a man bc they'd already pass for one. Yeesh!
I pulled up to get gas and some fugly oregonian he/she/it wouldnt let me self-serve.. oh well, its cheap.
by Elyas November 11, 2006
Green state, always rains, many people nice here. The Confederate Flag is flown everywhere but in the Portland area. People drive trucks. Hick State.
Man Oregon is hickish!
by mboch24 April 10, 2006
full of fags and mexicans just like the rest of lame ass america
oregon was once awesome but queer evil liberal nazi homo fags totally ruined it
it's been bad here ever since we had that child molester governor who was jimmy carter's labor secretary
fuck this place
kill and eat the rich
by i hate democrats August 31, 2006
The most hippy-infested, dirty, fat, poor, pathetic, shit pit in the US. It is full of people who just sit around and get stoned and protest and listen to U2. No one has any fucking idea how to do anything.
Oregon is the armpit of the US.
by Allen Oh March 29, 2005
The State where everyone is a fan of only one college Oregon State, Im alking devoted. Posers too California Posers. They wont admit it but they are soo Jealous. Besides Look at the population diferences, 39,000,000 compared to Only 3,000,000. Sacramento County alone Has 3,000,000.
Oregon Sucks Green And Yellow are the worst colors ever. Portland and Oregon are Racist.
by Cody April 21, 2005
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