Swedish composers of music entwined with poetry,the ambience is truely magical,the best band on the planet.
by Renaissance_ March 22, 2009
Prefix: Used to imply an action that is performed with enhanced creativity.
1: I opeth-owned my test!!
2: How?
1: I snuck a camoflauge barrier into the exam hall, and covering myself with it, I used a high-pressure hose to suck out all the snot in my nose. I then used a catapult made of rat-corpses to fling all the mucus at the examiner's eyes. Whilst he was still fumbling around to try and get the snot out of his eyes, I checked all the answers.
by Faraqueer March 27, 2009
a progresive dark rock band that rule and i love them they rock in every way
opeth rock
by charlie March 21, 2004
A metal band
Okay, for one Sum41 isn't really punk, they sold out big time, and 2 opeth is better then korn
by vgffffffffffffff June 02, 2003
okay, all you fucking white trash and fuckin niggers man, you can just bit me. opeth is a fuckin awesome band, no doubt.

those fukin bands like blink 182 and slipnuts, they arent all that damn good, thay actually ARE REALLY FUCKING ANOYING! SO STFU POSERS!
opeth, bloodbath, katatonia, dark army, in flames.... ALL gods
by THE chester November 14, 2004
FUCK. why are yous comparing opeth to sum41 and inflames ??? i mean fuck they shit all over then especially sum41 ..... there punk i mean sheez lol sorry guys i just feel strongly about opeth coz there the best
1. Hey whats the bes.... opeth
2. Hey whats the bes.... opeth
3. Hey whats the bes.... opeth
4. Hey whats the wor.... deftones
by jason December 30, 2003
Last time I checked, 'there' indicates a position, whereas 'their' indicates a multiple number of objects.
Stupid people don't know their (adjectives).

Catch the frisbee?
by Larstait December 02, 2003

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