Jesus fucking Christ, Opeth is the least gothic-looking band ever, faggot. Take a look at their pictures, they don't have chains, they wear yellow shirts and shit. Besides, goth is gay, anyway. And Sum41 is a group of tonedeaf fuckheads.
Opeth is better than any other band, except In Flames.
by Gabe May 30, 2003
A great damn band; what can I say? In Flames may have become really bad on their last two albums, but they used to be so great. Opeth and In Flames are equals.
Opeth and In Flames should have toured while In Flames still produced quality music.
by Gabe Nahmias April 03, 2004
Opeth was formed 20 years before the 90's.Were you castrated at birth, uncle fucking, goat raping, horse blowing, ass monkey. It appears that your brain is indeed smaller than your testicles.
Opeth.. If your mom got raped by the lead singer of opeth you wouldn't be so pathetic
by Dimmu_Borgir December 16, 2004
to Gab of Terrasoft: thats not fair... sum41 are are band doing their thing just like opeth are doing their thing... fuck i luv opeth and i also luv sum41 -aswell as a shitload of other bands out ther in the metal and rock genres... so just because you dont like a certain band doesnt mean you should diss them... what about the people who luv that 'hiphop rnb' stuff and diss metal and rock?? im sure u dont like that.
by musik May 25, 2003
Synonym for Overrated.
A bunch of pansies from Sweden who believe in ghosts.
"That band has a good guitarist and some ok themes, but they are just like Opeth. *List of good prog bands* are far superior and don't make 5 minute riffs making a song 5 times longer than it needs to be."
I know many people may disagree, but I'm posting my opinion.
Fans either wish to fellate them or fellate them with chainsaws. A large percentage of the fans on this website are the former. Judging from the praises they sing of their favourite band, they tend to come out either as:
1) Opeth are quite easily the most beautiful band on the planet. Blending progressive and death metal, they create music which touches me on a level I've never been touched before.
2) omgz i luv teh op3th, stfu u slipnot fagits, opeth r00lz!!!!!!!
Both types of reviews are stupid. The only reason people find the music of Opeth so "revolutionary" and "unique" is because it's the first time they've experienced music that mixes clean and distorted guitars, as well as growled and clean vocals. Honestly, this is NOTHING new. Anyone who knows a shit about metal would know this to be true.
Apparently the music has atmosphere. it doesn't. The time signatures change too much for you to get lost in the music in any way. The death growling and distorted guitars are just awkward and comes in at incredibly pointless times, as the songs have no structure and just tend to meander and meander and meander and meander and then end.
Hey, I like Opeth, but only their acoustic album. It's not that bad. But honestly people, some of you need to get your faces from Akerfeldt's pubes and just TRY listening to something else.
Opeth is allright.

I doubt this review will even be published.
by Metal can do Better April 17, 2006
A good, but overrated metal band
why does everyone love opeth so much
by Sanson August 03, 2005

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