Gods (along with In Flames)
Punk Rock Lover: "Hey, everyone, I like Sum41!"
Death Metal Junkie: "Noone cares, faggot."
*Death Metal Junkie beats the fuck out of the Punk dumbfuck and then goes back to coding software and listening to Opeth - The Moor*
by Gabe of Terrasoft March 07, 2003
Opeth are the best band ever to have graced the earth with their presence!!!!!!

Opeth are AMAZING!
They have a special 'o' which rocks!
\m/ Total Necro Dude! \m/
The BEST Opeth songs are:
Demon of the fall
Death whispered a lullaby
In mist she was standing
Under the weeping moon
The moor
In my time of need
To bid you farewell
by Semiaza February 25, 2006
The act of taking opium and meth in a single sitting
I am going to opeth tonight and it is going to be epic.
by wendlekurt July 08, 2009
The greatest progresssive death metal band to ever grace the earth. all of you sick fucks that claim in flames compares to opeth need to go die in a corner with all the other nu metal faggots.
Opeth rapes all other bands. care to say different say it to my face nu metal faggots
by opeth is god March 02, 2007
Excellent extreme progressive godlike-virtuosos.
Actually, Opeth is pronounced O-pth. Not with the "e". Don't believe me? Go see them live, and listebn to them say Opeth.
by Gaz September 14, 2003
All of you who are comparing Opeth to acts like Korn and Slipknot are just being idiots and need to open up your tastes. Neither band has called themselves Death Metal, or Black Metal, or Progressive Metal, or compared themselves to Opeth, and you really shouldn't either. Retards.

That being said, Opeth is a very good band, even though I've only heard one of their albums. They're not the best band in the world but they do come close and have a lot of talent.
Opeth was formed in Sweden by Lindgren and Åkerfeldt, bla bla bla.
For more detailed info, go talk to the nu-metal-haters who post here.
by 427 March 14, 2005
Progressive metal+Death metal=bliss. I love both styles of metal and how they weave it in the middle of one song its great. My current favorite is "Black rose immortal" but beware mtv'ers its 20 minutes long! www.geocities.com/deathdog889
Other bands like them would be Katatonia, Lacuna Coil, or maybe even Symphony X.
by Darkfloyd December 08, 2003

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