Opeth rocks hard. In Flames STILL rocks hard. Sum 41 is worthless.
You all know.
by Stef April 07, 2004
Seemingly one of the best bands to ever walk this earth. Their insane guitarists and drummer and bass player make up for some of the people that do not like the hardcore death growls.

But, their album Damnation, which is arguably one of the greatest albums ever released, is an acoustic album. It kicks amazing ass.
Opeth owns Chuck Norris.
by the one who worships Tenacious D February 28, 2006
FUCK IN FLAMES! In Flames suck. Opeth are, without a doubt, the most original metal bands out there, but unfortunately most of the Opeth fans who have posted thus far are really just nu-metal kids who like sum41 and In Flames. Opeth plays complex music and the average song is 10+ minutes long. They don't have stupid lyrics and don't complain like the angry teenagers playing in nu-metal bands do. Opeth play a combination of doom, death, progressive, gothic, jazz, and folk.
Listen to Morningrise, My Arms Your Hearse, and Blackwater Park. Truely genius.
by anonymous June 02, 2004
Opeth is the best band ever thrown in to this godforsaken earth, their music is insparational and... just kickass. Although in Flames is alright they're still within no comparison of Opeth andd there for shoulden't be in the same sentence unless saying "Opeth owns inflames" etc etc.

Opeth rules all.
many pronounce it opith but its pronounced O-peth with abig O!!! big O!!!

"The owner of all"

"the Gods of music"
by Jewel April 07, 2004
The greatest band ever. Swedish Progressive Black Melodic Death Metal. Ten times better than In Flames, and Sum41 isn't even a band in comparison. Matter of fact the name "Sum41" doesn't even belong on the same page as "Opeth." BLASPHEMERS!
The Moor is good but it'd be better if that and Godhead's Lament were one song so I could actually say Opeth have a best song!
by Chris Phoenix June 05, 2003
Ok, first off, Opeth are Swedish, not Norwegian. Secondly, they did a cover of Iron Maiden's 'Remember Tomorrow', not 'Running Free', and thirdly, you're all stupid. kthxbye.
Ok Leper Affinity and April Ethereal
That's all I'm gonna say.
by Luka October 17, 2004

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