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Webcomic, Order of the Stick

The OotS follows the (sometimes mis)adventures of a party of Dungeons & Dragons characters on their quest to defeat the lich, Xykon.
OotS is an awesome webcomic.
#belkar #roy #haley #v #durkon #elan
by BigHuckinChicken July 22, 2006
Legend of Zelda: Ocriana of Time. An installment of the Zelda series for the N64 released in 1998. An revolutinary Action/Adventure/RPG game with an excellent graphics engine (for its time) and an awesome battle system (often copied) that kicks the shit out of FF7's battle system.

The game was eventually succeded by the partial-sequal Majora's mask (probably the darkest zelda game), and then Windwaker for GameCube. Oot was also rereleased as a extra disc for people who preorded WindWaker.
Oot is one of the best games ever.
by I hate your Emo Haircut December 11, 2004
scottish for out
you tannin oot inite?
#out #oot #scottish for out #scottish words #ourside #outt #ooot
by iAmber February 09, 2009
An exclamation used in response to remembering horrendous experiences. Also used for people, places, or things. Not a verb.
Origin: Family Guy episode 1ACX03 Mind Over Murder. James Bond's response to Stewie's command "Silence!"
John: Do you remember Blair Witch Project 2?
Tim: OOT!
#mortal kombat annihilation #blair witch project 2 #cheaper by the dozen #doom #new york minute
by Matt and Adam December 30, 2005
An abbreviation for "out of town".
Mark: "Yo Tom, my parents are oot for the next week!"
Tom: "You know what I'm thinking?"
Mark & Tom: "PARTYY!"
#out #of #town #party #parents
by Nokitch October 11, 2010
"Out Of Town" - used in a business environment and in a written way.
Please remember I will be OOT from Tuesday through Saturday.
#out of town #travel #absent #gone away #office
by XYZA June 12, 2011
"Out of touch". Not in consensus with current consensus reality. A loving way of describing someone. Not necessarily a way to dismiss the person's unpopular beliefs, but a "red flag" as to the passionate, myopic, and egocentric way that person goes about trying to integrate them into the greater whole.
My friend Matt is OOT with the way most people see things.
#egocentric #separate #pompous #arrogant #foolish
by nativamerika July 26, 2011
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