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A web-comic parodying the adventures of a group of D&D characters written by Rich Burlew.

The latest issue of Order of the Stick can be found at
'Belkar is my favorite character in Order of the Stick.'
by Steve H. March 22, 2005
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Created by Rich Burlew, OotS is one of the most awesome kickass webcomics in the world. Drawn as stick figures, OotS is a group of six adventurers: Their leader Roy Grenhilt (fighter), Haley Starshine (rogue), Durkon Thundershield (dwarven cleric), Belkar Bitterleaf (halfling ranger), Elan (bard) and Vaarsuvius (elven wizard).
"I'm a sexy, shoeless GOD OF WAR!!"
-Belkar Bitterleaf (Order of the Stick)
by brujahonly August 06, 2009
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