Phonetic interpretation of the club on a busy night. Translates roughly to 'awesome' or 'slick'; can also be "performed" (see example) to agree with plans for the evening. Only comes across properly when spoken repeatedly.
NOTE: Usage of "oots" requires multiple instances in a row. More than two, less than six. Three tends to be a happy medium. When spoken, feel free to go beyond this limit.

1. "Hey let's go to that crap goth club Pyramid, at least the DJ tonight is sposda be good. Oots oots oots!"

2. "Dude that looks great, oots oots oots!"

Can also be used literally:

3. "I was standing so close to the speaker that my head was all like oots oots oots oots oots…"
by InvaderJ September 16, 2009
Groundskeeper Willy used this term in place of "out" on his door which read "KEEP OOT" in Tree house of Horror VI, "Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace"
You goin to watch The Simpsons or go oot?
by randomvs October 27, 2004
A handycapped baby native
all those fuckin drunk oots runnin around
by crunchymanmeat January 26, 2008
Milk that has sat unrefrigerated for so long that it has separated into liquid and solid. Usually it is only for prank purposes. Opening a jug of oot usually ends in throwing up.
ohh son! what is that rancid smell? - Jo
some idiot opened my bottle of oot..two weeks ago. - Al
by AwesomeAl April 08, 2007
a strong negative response.
'you've oot got a penis'
by Chris-Piano December 21, 2004
Northern England variation of out.
Wife: "D'ya fancy stayin' in the neet pet an' watchin fillums an' that?"
Husband: "Nee chance pet, i'm gannin oot the neet"
Wife: (sobs) (etc)
by Bonny Lad2 January 12, 2006
OoT is the best game ever!!
by DK January 03, 2004

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