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Webcomic, Order of the Stick

The OotS follows the (sometimes mis)adventures of a party of Dungeons & Dragons characters on their quest to defeat the lich, Xykon.
OotS is an awesome webcomic.
by BigHuckinChicken July 22, 2006
"That Fat Fuck" Ed Rendell is the current Governor of Pennsylvania.

It is against the law to refer to him without prepending "That Fat Fuck".
(Ed Rendell is governor = not proper; "That Fat Fuck" Ed Rendell raised everyone's taxes and made us by the Pens a stadium = proper)
That Fat Fuck Ed Rendell is a fat fuck.
by BigHuckinChicken August 15, 2006
To apply lubricant to a vagina, in preparation to make mad love to it (the vagina, not the lubricant, although I guess you'd be hitting that too).
V got nekked, and Haly put the dressing on the taco before tapping that.
by BigHuckinChicken July 22, 2006

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