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Pet Name given to one EuroSex male that rocks my boat.
OSB, come here and let me pull you from behind and never let go!!!
by Marie Francine Victoria May 18, 2008
old sonny bastard, copyrighted by me - osb in the year of 1993 when i met my wife, the internet.
look it's the motherfucking osb! me!
by osb January 24, 2004
Oh Shit Bro or Oh Shit Brother or Oh Shit Boy or Oh Shit Bitch- This phrase can be used several ways and change meaning depending on the situation. It could be from some exciting event or a close call. Could also be used in place of OMG for those guys who are fed up with this phrase (too feminine). OSB is a little more masculine. Usually used at the beginning of a sentence to show excitement.
OSB, that was a close call!
OSB, did you see that!?
WTF!? OSB, you have got to be kidding me! I do not believe it!
OSB, someone stole my car!
by soyousay June 03, 2008
Oh shit bitch
when something is unexpected and suprising like your playing a game and someone scores on you... you say OSB ! Oh shit bitch.
by sammyj4432 August 31, 2010
Obnoxious Sarcastic Bitch
I'm getting really tired of that OSB my brother married slamming all of our family members every chance she gets; then she's so proud of being an OSB she applies the suffix to her signature.
by izzafartsmeller August 15, 2011
OSB (Op-Sex Break) This is when you go on a break from a member of the opposite sex. Until you find the right person, you do this normally after a slutty streak to regain dignity.
Andrew B: Get with me!
Zakiah: no... im on an OSB!
Ken: Good on you.
by kenthelegend August 06, 2010
An "over sized baby"

An adult who looks and behaves like an oversized baby. One who exudes OSBisms, that is, the characteristics of an infant.
George Dawes in Shooting Stars.

Many examples of OSBs are apparent in todays workplace. See gibbering fatty OSBs with no hair and shiny heads, that babble and whine all day. Fuelled on sugar and coke these sloths portray the characteristic behaviour of an oversized baby (OSB).
by The oversized baby October 12, 2007
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